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X-Gamer X-Shotz Ginger Queen

1,90 8,90 

1,90 8,90 

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X-Gamer X-Shotz Ginger Queen

Gaming Energy Drink - Ginger / Lemon Flavor - Sample - 1 portion

1,90 8,90 

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A drink made for Gamers, the X-Shotz Ginger Queen gives you all the energy you need during your competitives games and increases your focus !

Highlights :
  • Flavor : Ginger / Lemon 
  • Capacity : 10 g
  • Contains Nootropic amino acids to boost your mind
  • More than 27 different vitamins
  • Sugar free et and 31 Kcals for 500ml
Category: Gaming Drink SKU: XG-XSH-4.0-GQ-1-A

The esport drink helping you perform !

The energy leading you to victory ! Especially created for esport and gamers in search of performance, the X-gamer X-shotz formula has been developed in order to boost your senses, reduce exhaustion, increase your precision and focus while taking a vitamins shot (27 different vitamins). The X-Gamer shots equal to 1 shaker of 500ml. Taste the victory with a delicious Ginger / Lemon taste and stay hydrated in every circumstance !

Packing Sample
Capacity 10 g
Flavor Ginger, Lemon
ml per serving 500 ml
Servings 1

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