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Rogue Energy Try 5 Packs




Rogue Energy Try 5 Packs

Gaming Energy Drink - 5 different flavors - Samples - 5 servings


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Rogue Energy, it’s delicious Gaming drink with efficient formulas !

Highlights :
  • The 5 Rogue Energy flavors
  • 1 serving per sample
  • Sugar free and gluten free
  • Vitamins and antioxidants
Category: Gaming Drink SKU: ROGU-ENERGY-TRY-5-PACKS

Gaming drink Rogue Energy !

Fill up in vitamins and antioxidants with the gaming drinks Rogue Energy ! The formulas have been created especially to answer gamers needs, they are very low calories and does not contain any sugar. We can find ingredients such as Taurine and Cafein, powerful stimulus allowing you to fight sleepiness and increase your focus and stamina. This formula also contains many amino acids contributing to memory, focus, coordination and allow to reduce stress and anxiety.

Packing Sample
Capacity 6.8 g
Flavor Multiple
ml per serving 450 ml
Servings 5